Sheila McCormick: Author of “Cousin Andrew”


About the Writer and the Book

I have a romantic turn of mind. I love Austen, Trollope, and George Eliot, Arabian Nights, and the Brothers Grimm, yet the story that influenced my writing most powerfully was by Yukio Mishima. My contemporary romance novel, “Cousin Andrew”, was first published in 2002. If you are interested in this eclectic mix, or the ramblings of a senior horsewoman, (aka an Aged Mare), I invite you to read my blog, The Lunge Line.

“Love is involuntary. It does not often run in a yoke with prudence.” - Anthony Trollope

Synopsis of “Cousin Andrew”

Rosanna Flynn is pregnant by a man she hardly knows— a man she met in a tropical paradise on the vacation trip of a lifetime – her first vacation since leaving the convent to care for her dying father. Defying her suffocating family, Rosanna decides to have the child—wants to raise it by herself. But will her lover’s rich cousin get in her way? Mysterious Andrew. What does he want, and how far will he go to get it?


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I hope that you will love reading the novel as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can also read reviews about the book through the links on this page.

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“Took a chance on new author and was rewarded. Reminded me of Anne Tyler's characters. Even when they are being their most flawed and annoying human selves, they still make you care about what happens to them.”